Shipping Stock Assist Orders

We provide free prepaid UPS shipping labels. Follow the prompts on the shipping instructions page after you confirm your order to print your free shipping labels. Simply enter how many packages your Stock Assist shipment will be and click ‘Print Labels' (as shown below).

How long do I have to ship my books after confirming my order?
We ask that you ship your entire order within 7 calendar days at the very latest. If you need more time please email us at as soon as possible, otherwise your items may not be accepted.

How should I package my books?
Be sure to use the prepaid labels and packing slips provided by Valore when packing your shipments. This will ensure that your books are properly tracked and checked in when they reach our warehouse. A copy of the packing slip must be included in every box. To protect your books against damage in transit, please:

  • Place your items flat inside the box with the spines facing inward.
  • If your shipment exceeds 70 pounds, split your order into multiple boxes. Include a packing slip in each box.
  • Use bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or crumpled paper to fill the empty space around your items; we recommended using at least two inches of cushioning.
  • Before sealing each box shake it to make sure the contents don’t rattle or slide.
  • Seal each box with reinforced tape.

Are my shipments insured?
Yes. Each shipping label is insured up to $100.

How do I print additional shipping labels?
You can print as many free shipping labels as you need by logging into your dashboard, clicking on ‘Transactions', entering a date range after selecting Stock Assist, and selecting the order you need the label for.

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